Information about the loan for self-employed

1,000 euros up to 10,000 euros

1,000 euros up to 10,000 euros

The main objective of BankFit is to help self-employed entrepreneurs to finance the short-term purchase of goods, or in case of unforeseeable financial events and liquidity bottlenecks in the form of an extremely fast short-term credit.

First-time customers can receive up to 3,000 euros within 24 hours, regular customers up to 10,000 euros. Thus, YOU always have financial control until your next payment.

Refundable in up to 30 days

Refundable in up to 30 days

Unlike traditional bank loans, BankFit does not offer long-term installment loans.

The purpose of our short-term loan is not to finance long-term assets or classic leasing products, but merely to provide goods or services as short interim financing until the next time you receive the money.

Whether you have given your customers a term of payment, customers late settle their bill, or you wait for the payment of your credit card statement. With BankFit as a short-term financier, you are on the safe side in this time span.

No initial costs

No initial costs

BankFit adheres to Fair Play – No costs!

Fees only arise for voluntarily booked options and also only after payment of the loan amount. In addition, BankFit offers you liquidity, because our fees can be settled comfortably with up to 30 days payment term.

If you hire BankFit to sign up for creditworthiness and BankFit fails to successfully pay you a loan, BankFit will cover the costs you incur.

Optional extension up to 60 days

Optional extension up to 60 days

The basic term of our short-term loans is a maximum of 30 days. In order to operate our business model effectively, a lean and automated process management is necessary.

Should it be necessary for you to spend a little more time, we will reverse our standard process and deviate from the basic process. You then have the option of conveniently repaying your loan amount in 2 installments. The first installment is then due 30 days after payment of the loan, the second after 60 days. Thus, you and your business always remain flexible.

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