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Debt: Loans from the bank

Debt: Loans from the bank

As a founder, you can not get past a house bank, even if you do not get credit to finance the foundation. On the other hand, you can not do without the account or the business account. In addition, you can arrange a current account credit with your bank in order to compensate for short-term liquidity fluctuations.

If you need a loan to start your own business, you should already take this into account when selecting your bank. In addition to the classic bank loan, there are also development loans available. The advantage of promotional loans is that interest rates are usually lower than traditional bank loans. But even with a promotional loan, the house bank plays an important role, because they can not apply for a promotional loan directly from the promotional banks. Instead, the house bank must also endorse the concept and forward it to the development bank. In addition to your carefully prepared documents, you should prepare well for the bank discussion, in particular, in order to increase the chances for the loan.

No matter whether you need to finance a limited liability company or start a small sole proprietorship and only need a bridge, most lenders will default on the required collateral. Here, the guarantee banks of the countries can help. We will introduce you to the guarantee banks in detail.

Basics for the loan: the bankable business plan

Basics for the loan: the bankable business plan

In order to determine the need for capital for your start-up and corporate financing, we have developed a financial plan tool. Based on your sales and earnings forecasts and your own funds, there is a potential funding gap. You can then cover this need for capital with additional equity or loans and secure corporate financing.

The bank-ready business plan for your corporate financing: this has many founders problems, so meet with rejection by the house bank and do not get the necessary capital. Use the knowledge of an experienced founding coach – we recommend you. This helps you to create the business plan for corporate finance.

Equity: Family & Friends, Business Angel, Venture Capital & Co

Equity: Family & Friends, Business Angel, Venture Capital & Co

At best, as a founder, you are injecting some equity into the company itself. This can either be your savings or even money from relatives or friends who lend you private money. If you can already lay down the market entry and win the first customers, there is also the opportunity to grow through consistent bootstrapping. You keep all the shares in the company in your hands. But compared to additional external capital, it usually takes longer to implement your own growth targets only on your own.

If you decide to bring investors on board to grow faster, there are a variety of options depending on the capital requirements and the business phase. We have put together the different sources of funding and specifics in a separate section on corporate financing. At a glance you can choose between the following variants:

  • Jump-start is provided by accelerators and incubators
  • 50,000 to 200,000 euros: Business Angels
  • several 100,000 euros: crowdfunding and crowdinvesting
  • Up to 600,000 euros: the High-Tech Gründerfonds
  • from 1 million Euro venture capital

Across the republic, numerous events are held where you can find investors. Prepare a convincing elevator pitch for this.

Additional equity for your start-up and corporate finance can come from a variety of sources, depending on how much capital you need. With a rather low volume of financing Family and Friends can help with capital. On the other hand, start-ups with capital requirements of several 10,000 euros can resort to business angels organized in numerous networks or crowdinvesting in the search for capital. If it has to be significantly more, then numerous incubators and classic venture capital providers are eligible for corporate financing.

In order to find suitable investors for your start-up and sufficient capital for your corporate financing, we have put together events in which you can pitch capital in front of investors. Of course, be prepared for the Elevator Pitch so that it works well with capital and corporate finance.

Funding for founders and companies

Funding for founders and companies

There are numerous development institutes in Germany that support business start-ups and corporate finance with a variety of programs. This includes offers in the areas of equity, debt, grants and guarantees. Use a non-binding and free funding check to check which funds can be used for your start-up and corporate financing. In addition, this section provides you with detailed information from the institutes that provide you with capital to finance business start-ups and self-employment.

Subsidies and promotional loans are available in Germany mostly indirectly through the house bank and not directly from the promotional bank. Thus, the house bank must forward your loan application to the promotional bank, but is not required to do so.

A start-up coach can help you create a bank-ready business plan to work with corporate finance. In addition to Intrasavings Bank, which operates nationwide, there are development banks and numerous subsidies in each state. We present you the development banks and their offer for capital in profile.

Important grants at a glance

Important grants at a glance

For certain start-up and business situations, there are grants that do not have to be repaid. We introduce important programs:

  • The start-up grant for founders from unemployment
  • EXIST Gründerstipendium: Funding for founders from the university
  • Supported advice: through subsidies you have less to pay for advice
  • Grants for patent counseling
  • In addition, there are grants if you want to hire innovation assistants or be an exhibitor at relevant trade fairs

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